Amazing Books

This week my main Booktube video reviews several fiction novels including an Indie fantasy book. Currently I am working my way through six books and feeding back regularly on my channel but this week is all about books that I have already read that kept me interested and wanting more.

Andrew McDowell’s brilliant ‘Mystical Greenwood’ is discussed, with its shades of medieval times and magic. The main character Dermot undergoes much upheaval in an adventure that touches upon issues of family, culture and the envrionment.

I also spoke about a modern story by Comedienne Shappi Khorsandi. Nina struggles with alcohol as she comes to terms with her dad’s death and has to wrestle with her own demons.

Loki is a trickster God and Joanne Harris knows how to depict his story with a vivid look into his inner conflicts. I loved reviewing this book as it gives a new insight into a popular norse God’s life and takes us back to wonderful Asgard.

For my Adorethor section this week there was a celebration of an author who got me into reading and whose work still makes so many people laugh and gasp.

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