Kylie Minogue

Wonderful new song. Check it out.


Do something. Please.

Storms are brewing,

Over skies,

Seas getting rough,

The eagle flies.

Ships are changing course,

People moving away,

Dramatic climates,

Seems to have come to stay.

What has brought this?

Who is the cause?

We as humans!

Pollution for sure!

I know some people are oblivious to it.

Don’t sit back, get on with it!

Stop using aeroplanes and colouring the sky.

Walk a bit more often. Use your cars more. Try.

Killing Eve is ‘Killing It.’

Loving the new TV series on BBC iPlayer about a crazy assassin and her counterpart, a witness protection officer, turned agent.

Sandra Oh is magnificent as the agent who makes it her life mission to catch this intriguing and bonkers miscreant, played by Jodi Comer. I was first drawn to this drama when a friend said it was set in some of my favourite locations, such as Paris and Berlin. Loving the cast, including Sean Delaney and Fiona Shaw. Brilliantly comical and entertaining performances fused with a clever and witty script make this a real gem!

The episodes begin with comedy and continue with moments of high drama, delicately filmed in quite glamorous settings. The programme is beautifully shot and stylish with clever editing and a fast narrative. The interconnection between Sandra and Jodie is fascinating as it unfolds.

I hope you all take a moment to check out this series and let me know how you find the whole thing.

Sunday Blues

Need a lie in,

Can’t open my eyes,

Lazy days,

But it’s no surprise.

After working all week,

Just need to relax,

So today is the day,

And those are the facts.

Roast potatoes, Yorkshire and peas,

Are the figments of my dreams,

A gentle fire to keep me warm,

Cups of tea and custard creams.

Sunday morning comes and goes,

Scarves and gloves accessorise clothes.

Monday morning looms with fear,

Wonderful Sunday – stay right here!

Cold Times


Blustery skies with murky depths,

Wintery rumours about snow and frost,

Such a rude awakening,

But at no extra cost.

Perhaps there is a chance,

Although I doubt it very much,

That the weather isn’t changing,

Because of a thoughtless human touch.

Global warming seems miles away,

Yet stark conditions sit in wait,

So cuddle up and boil the kettle,

Hang about with a cheerful mate.


Brilliantly ‘Crazy Rich Asians…’

I was excited to go and see this brand new movie last night, knowing how successful it had been in America and expecting a laugh-out-loud comedy. I got something quite different, but definitely great.

This was a romantic film with incredibly good photography and a stunning insight into Singapore and its lavish society. I loved the way that Henry Golding managed to carry off his role as a charismatic and clever rich guy who fell for a beautiful, yet grounded, economics lecturer from New York.

Michelle Yeoh was an overbearing mother who was annoyed to discover her son was dating a girl from a relatively poor background (although not hard up at all). She wanted to put the dampeners on his relationship to stop her legacy being passed to someone she deemed unworthy.

The twists and turns were in some places predictable but still entertaining and the cinematography was stunning. I liked the involvement of Awkwafina, who had already established herself in the recently impressive Ocean’s Eight flick. Her comedic role as the best friend of Rachel (Constance Wu) was matched by a laughable yet endearing turn from Ken Jeong who played her father.

Without a doubt, a fully captivating, visual masterpiece with a heart and sweetness that makes it long-lasting. *****