Bag of nerves

As my ebook is published,

I sit by myself,

Wondering if anyone,

Will put it on their kindle shelf.

As my ebook is published,

I bite on my nails,

Thinking what to do next,

Hoping that I don’t fail.

As my ebook is published,

I drink lots of coffee,

Have sleepless nights

And snack on a toffee.

As my ebook is published,

I dream of reviews,

Writing is the future,

That I will now choose.



If I were an animal…

I would be a sloth

And slumber the days away,

Hoping that time might stand still.

If I were a plant…

I would be a cactus

And reside in the desert,

Absorbing the sunlight quietly.

If I were an object,

I would be a pillow

Longing for cuddles

Chilling on the bed constantly.

Moving On

Do you have to take your car?

Is your journey really far?

If you are going somewhere close,

Try to walk or cycle those

Journeys that are not so far.

Not every ride involves a car.

Dropping off your kids to school,

Maybe let them walk – it’s cool!

Going to the local store,

A brisk walk would give you more…

Fitness, time to think and fresh air,

Plus you would show how much you care,

About the place in which you live,

Walk and cycle, that’s a good way to give.

Warning! Hot Weather?

Feeling the brilliant heat,

Enjoying the balmy weather,

Stop for a minute and think,

For we are getting ourselves into a tether.

This heatwave is caused by us,

So yes I’ll be making a fuss,

To me the hot weather is sad,

A reflection of all we do that is bad.

Pollution, consumption and travel,

Are putting us under the gavel,

We need to think of a way through,

Where the climate is stable but the skies are still blue.

So I agree that the hotness is fine,

But the damage it does is causing Earth to decline,

We need to get governments to start fixing this mess,

So we prevent the world becoming a desert of loneliness.

Summer Breeze

For many months we wait to be warmed,

Till leaves have blossomed and bees have swarmed,

The winter, cold and bleak and long,

Finally is submerged under a blanket of song.

As birds rush out and insects thrive,

Us humans grab our cars and drive,

To places full of sand and fun,

Our summer of love has just begun.

And as the evenings draw out wide,

Our barbecues fire up outside,

As parties start and drinks will flow,

And sun tan lotion helps our new tans grow.

We emerge into the summer bright,

Absorb the heat and sweat through each night,

We cherish every moment with ease,

Just waiting for a summer breeze.

Too soon

Tiredness comes and tiredness goes,

Making me feel I need to rest,

Nothing better than head on a pillow,

Replenishing so I can feel my best.

Energy comes and energy goes,

Trying to keep me on my toes,

Nothing better than a burst of sugar,

Everyone relishes one of those.

Days whiz past and nights endure,

Seasons alter forever more,

Nights draw in and nights draw out,

Memories of seasons gone before.

Birthdays come and birthdays go,

Every year we tire and grow,

Love your life for it is quick,

Love your friends and let them know.

Do something. Please.

Storms are brewing,

Over skies,

Seas getting rough,

The eagle flies.

Ships are changing course,

People moving away,

Dramatic climates,

Seems to have come to stay.

What has brought this?

Who is the cause?

We as humans!

Pollution for sure!

I know some people are oblivious to it.

Don’t sit back, get on with it!

Stop using aeroplanes and colouring the sky.

Walk a bit more often. Use your cars more. Try.