Snowy winters

After days of feeling ill

Must have caught a winter chill,

Suddenly I start to think,

Are we really on the brink?

Of winters where we see no snow?

I really hope not. But if so…

Then I will miss the snowball fights,

The glistening plants when I turn on the lights

The wonderful feeling of wrapping up warm,

A snowy old winter was always the norm,

But now we are stuck with an endless parade,

Of rain and wind and clouds throwing shade.

Bring back the winters like when I was a kid,

When I’d run around squelching, and doing a skid,

When my mum made hot chocolate and marshmallow bits,

Without snowy winters, it’s really the pits.

Too much POSITIVE?

Positive vibes,

Positive thinking,

Spread a little love,

Stop that overthinking.

Take a rain check,

Gives us a break,

Leave it alone, mate,

Why is some news fake?

Take a chill pill,

Give it a rest,

Chill out dude,

Live your life the BEST.

Take some down time,

Unplug, phones off, unhook,

Meditate, have a nap,

Go and read a book.

Now wake refreshed,

Put your best foot forward,

Get to work,

… this is awkward.

Truth be told,

There’s too many resting,

The world would be better,

If we were doing our best…ing.

Energy and passion,

Attitude and hard work,

Make YOU a positive force,

Don’t JUST be a lazy berk!

Happy Holidays

In the mountains snow is falling,

In the villages, bells are calling,

In the country, reindeer run,

In the houses, so much fun.

In the evening carrots and milk,

Presents wrapped and lined with silk,

In the morning, radiant faces,

People locked in warm embraces,

Merry Christmas everyone,

May your day be lined with fun,

Have a drink and eat mince pies,

May Christmas be bursting with surprise.

Merry Jollity

Jingle bells, roast chestnuts,

Warm your hands on the fire,

Unwrap presents, Eat huge meals,

All of these things will transpire.

Be together, share a hug,

Forget work and hassle and news,

Watch the Queen speak, drink mulled wine,

Argue with family who have different views.

Play silly games, act out fave films,

Eat Christmas pudding and cover it with booze,

Sing karaoke and dance round the room,

Then lie on the sofa and have a long snooze.

Perhaps for five minutes, reflect and consider,

Those who are not lucky enough to enjoy Christmas day,

Whether religious or just conscious of society,

For a little while think about them who can’t play.

Consider the burning of forests and heatwaves,

Dwell on the cutting of millions of trees,

Imagine the pollution of smelting and jet planes,

Make a choice to save the planet, acknowledge climate change, please.

Climate-friendly Festivities

At Christmas time,

When we eat and drink too much,

Can we think for a moment,

About the wonderful world?

Do we need to wrap presents

In acres of packaging?

Will it make Christmas any less special

If our presents go unwrapped?

Let’s enjoy time together

Using trains, buses and bikes,

Cut down on the traffic,

And avoid taking flight.

Spend time at home

Enjoying your family time,

Use a little less energy,

Don’t order everything online.

Make things and share things,

Sing songs and watch films,

Think of the climate,

And have a lovely, climate-friendly holiday.

(I deliberately did not rhyme this poem as I feel we cannot always control things. Sometimes we just have to do our utmost)